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"Ordinary People" is a track from the American singer John Legend.

He wrote it in collaboration from William Adams and it reaches various themes, such as the opposite feelings of regret and accomplishment, fear or doubts.

"Ordinary People" is the second single to be released from the album and it has a relatively long duration, of 4:41 minutes.

A neo soul track, it was released on February 7th, 2005, as a CD single, through Sony Records. The song was produced by John Legend and William Adams.

The music video for the single features many couples having fights and reconciling around a grand piano, played by the singer. The video also features a harmonica and a string section.

John Legend's single received highly positive feedback from the music critics. They praised on the simple stark piano and also on the singer's vocal performance. They described it as the "most perfectly realized song" from the debut album, "representative of true talent" and "intensely exotic".

The title of the song is part of the chorus:

"We're just ordinary people

We don't know which way to go

'Cause we're ordinary people

Maybe we should take it slow".

The singer stated that the lyrics do not depict any personal experience, and that this was not its purpose. It is just an opinion which we wanted to share on romantic relationships. They wrote the song to be part of his debut album, "Get Lifted" and he recorded it in 2004, one year before it was released.

Legend performed the song on the talent show "The Voice UK", which led to an increase on digital sales and the song reappearing on the charts.

The song was a success since its release, reaching the charts in the United States, but it became even more popular in 2012, when it appeared on many important charts in various countries.

The single reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 2005 and number four on the US Hot R&B Hip Hop Songs chart; also, in 2012, it topped the UK R&B, it reached number four on the UK Singles chart and number six in Scotland. It was also present in other foreign markets, such as Ireland and Netherlands.

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