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Little River Band is a rock band from Australia, formed in 1975.

The band achieved a lot of success in Australia and in the US and were very commercial.

They started as a harmony rock band with 6 members: Graeham Goble on guitar and vocals, Beeb Birtles on guitar and vocals, Graham Davidge on lead guitar, Dave Orams on bass guitar, Derek Pellicci on drums, and Glenn Shorrock again, lead vocals.

Their record was selling more than 30 million records and six albums reaching the top on every chart.

They received many music awards in Australia and Reminiscing is one of their most known songs, having enormous success.

Reminiscing is a song written by Little River Band, released in 1978 as part of the album named Sleeper Catcher. The song was released in July 1978 belonging to the Soft rock genre and having a length of 4:11 minutes.

The song was actually produced by John Boylan, one of the band’s members, and written by the band’s guitarist. Graeham Goble.

Reminiscing peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 on the Easy Listening chart. It also won the Australian Record of the year at the 1978 King of Pop Awards.

The story behind the free Reminiscing piano sheet music is that the inspiration came from the fact that Graeham loved watching black and white movies and he always loved the music of Glenn Miller and Cole Porter, and that whole era. Therefore, he wanted to write a song that fits very well in that romantic view.

Reminiscing had also had some covers by well-known artists, such as Barry Manilow in 1996, Thumbs Charlie in 1979, or Carl Riseley in 2008.

It had also had appearances in the popular culture, in movies such as The Other Guys in 2010 or the Divorce HBO series and many others.

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