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Secrets is the title of single number two from the second album by One Republic, titled "Waking Up".

The song has been firstly released in Austria and Germany and later made available as a digital download in the US, in November 2009 and made it to the US radio on June 2010, on the Top 40, as well as the Mainstream radios.

Secrets has been featured for "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" movie from 2010 and the instrumental for it has been used for an iPhone 4 advert.

Getting used even on TV by ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, it was also played as part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from 2011. Also, CBS used it in an episode for the lengthy series "CSI: Miami" and an acoustic version was featured on an advertisement for the Thomson Travel Agents.

Being moderately received by the audience and the critics, its lyrics has been praised and its popularity has raised once not one, but four music videos have been released, two of them intended for movie premieres, for Zweiohrkuken and the Disney "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice". The second music video was featured as a promotional video for the famous TV series Lost.

The third version was listed on VEVO and became the official international video, released on May 2010.

Secrets started at the bottom of the US Billboard Hot 100 and climbed up to place number 21, becoming certified Gold in Germany and twice Platinum in the United States. Topping the Polish charts, the single was also in the top 10 in countries such as Austria, Germany, reaching third on the Adult Top 40 US charts and fifth on the Adult Contemporary charts.

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Secrets - One Republic piano tutorial

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