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The song Mama belongs to the well- known band called My Chemical Romance.

It was included on the band’s album in 2006. It is both a beautiful and a disputed one since it was programmed to be released in 2007, November the 12th, then postponed for the 16th of the same month, but it did not happen.

Considering the fact that in 2013 the band broke up, the event did not take place at all, unfortunately.

This might have affected the band’s image but did not affect the appreciation the song got from the wide audience. It is important to mention that the song included the voice of Liza Minnelli, thing that attracted more people.

Her powerful voice perfectly fitted the rest of the song. This is also observable in the free Mama piano sheets.

Mama follows the unmistakable style of the band, full of hard sounds and strong and loud voices. Still, a great piano version could be created and played, in a dramatic, creepy or even funny style. The notes are strong, the voices powerful and the message seems a little chaotic, built as an invocation of a Mama, as the title suggests.

The one that wrote the song was Gerard Way, who is also the main voice performer of the group, for "The Black Parade", which was My Chemical Romance’s third album.

The fact that they chose Liza’s voice to appear in the song was explained, as the writer himself says, by the appreciation that his grandmother had for the artist and, of course, by her amazing voice. Another thing to mention is that Liza’s voice did not bring any additional cost to the band, attitude highly appreciated by the members, even though they never personally met her, because she recorded her contribution in New York, not in Los Angeles, where the band did it.

Another interesting fact about the song Mama is that it seems that there is a part in the song that has been inspired by Pink Floyd.

Now that you have an idea about who and how performs it, you could easily go back to the beginning of the "story" and if you are attracted by the original song and the idea of trying to play the free Mama piano sheet music of this song, you are free and actually invited to use the material offered by us.

Maybe the band did break up, but this does not change the song and its impact, as it does not change the history of the band.

Piano tutorial and cover

Mama - My Chemical Romance piano tutorial

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