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Recognized at an international level, Avicii, the Swedish DJ and producer never stops impressing the numerous fans that are dynamically living through his songs.

One of his greatest hits, "The Nights" was written by the American artist Nicholas Furlong, whose vocals are featured in the song, Jordan Suecof, Gabriel Benjamin and John Feldmann. The fans had the possibility to enjoy it since its release on the 1st of December 2014 on Avicii's "The Days / Nights" and one year later in the UK, on the 11th of January. It is meant to be the second single on the album called "Stories" that belongs to the artist.

As numerous other songs of the artist, "The Nights" was well received by the enchanted public, who appreciated, as most of fans state, both the diverse and strong notes, which can make the song be also played as a piano version using the tabs posted here, and at the same time, the message and the impact it could have on the listeners. As about the official position in charts, it is worth to mention that "The Nights" was a no. 6 on the Singles Chart in the UK and on the highest position of the UK Dance Chart.

Besides the covers and the remixes made by others, Avicii created a remix of his own song, released in January 2015 – "The Nights (Avicii by Avicii)". Another successful remix was made by Felix Jaehn.

Regarding the message, the song was inspired by Furlong’s father, whom it was initially meant to be dedicated to. As mentioned above, the quality is high for the song when talking about the words too, due to the well fit encouragement of living life as desired, message shared in such way that it could be played both by young and elderly people.

Talking about words, the initial title of the song was "My Father Told Me".

As genre, it can be categorized as a progressive house melody, with folk rock notes, things that do not make it impossible for the piano lovers to play all its keys and notes. This is why we posted the "The Nights" piano sheets for free, to help you with the learning process.

The official video for "The Nights" was produced by Rory Kramer, who was also the director and the main character, and it was released on December 15th, 2014, on YouTube. Strongly related to the lyrics, the music video mostly shows the character’s adventurous activities, emphasizing the idea according to which gathering beautiful memories is free and fun.

All these being said, it is easy to observe and support the idea according to which Avicii and his amazing song called "The Nights", are both important keys in creating an emotional response in the public’s opinion and on the daily evolving charts.

So, without further ado, jump in and start practicing this great song, using the best "The Nights" free piano sheet music which you can find online, that is posted after the video tutorial.

Piano tutorial and cover

The Nights - Avicii piano tutorial

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