Whitney Houston - When You Believe (The Prince of Egypt) sheet music

"When You Believe" by Whitney Houston is a popular track recorded with Mariah Carey, which was released on 2 November 1998 on the The Prince of Egypt OST, My Love Is Your Love and #1's' albums.

Whitney Houston's "When You Believe" was composed by Stephen Schwartz in 1998.

The lyrics are trying to inspire faith in people. It's trying to make people see the power of the prayers to God, even if we don’t know if they are heard. This is expressed in the following lyrics:

Many nights we prayed

With no proof anyone could hear

The lyrics also suggest that you never know what can come next, what good or bad things might come. But if you believe, miracles will happen.

The piano sheet music of "When You Believe" is composed in different key for each singer, meaning that Houston's verse and chorus are written in the key of B minor, same as Mariah Carey’s verse. The only difference is Carey's chorus, which composed in the key of E major. The "When You Believe" sheet music is ranged for G#3-G5.

The free When You Believe piano sheets are simply amazing.

The track was recorded with help from Babyface by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for the "The Prince of Egypt" soundtrack album.

Also, the song is found in the fourth studio album named "My Love is Your Love" of Whitney Houston.

The track’s lyrics have a powerful meaning, describing the ability everyone has to reach miracles, the only thing they have to do is to believe.

Getting a huge amount of success, the song got in the Billboard Hot 100 and reached No. 15. Not to forget to mention the song’s place in the top five in U.K., Belgium, Sweden and some other countries. The song "When You Believe" has piano scores that were beautifully transcribed.

The song has two versions of its music video. The first one was recorded at Brooklyn Academy of Music. The alternate video is surprising the two singers performing on a large stage.

In the animated musical "The Prince of Egypt", the song "When You Believe" is interpreted by characters Tzipporah and Miriam. While they sing, people are coming around them, and they also start singing with them, supporting each other to simply believe.

The free When You Believe piano sheet music is available for download as PDF below.

Piano tutorial and cover

When You Believe (The Prince of Egypt) - Whitney Houston piano tutorial

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