Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi sheet music

Let’s get some funky time at the piano, bringing Sk8er Boi on our website and into your homes.

Born in September 1984, Avril Ramona Lavigne is a singer, songwriter and actress active in the media world since 1999, enchanting us with her work.

Today’s article is about one of her songs – the free Sk8er Boi piano sheets, a funny punk rock music genre song.

Avril Lavigne has released six studio albums and has received 8 Grammy Award nominations until today.

She is famous for her influence in punk music in the early 2000s and is considered a key musician in the pop-punk music industry.

She sings pop-punk, pop and alternative rock and post-grunge music genres and she plays the guitar.

Sk8er Boi was released by Avril Lavigne in September 2002, as the second single of her album named Let Go – 2000.

The song was produced by The Matrix and written by Avril Lavigne, Scott Spock, Lauren Christy and Graham Edwards, and released through Arista Studios.

Belonging to the punk-rock music genre, the free Sk8er Boi piano sheet music actually combines skate punk, power pop and alternative pop styles.

The story behind the lyrics of Sk8er Boi tells the story about the artist’s rocker boyfriend and a girl he knew in high school, who rejected him because he was a skateboarder.

Selling more than 1.9 million copies worldwide, Sk8er Boi received a Grammy nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 2003 and reached the top ten in many countries such as the UK, the US, Australia and more.

Looking into Sk8er Boi’s composition, we can find a mix of genres and elements, like bass, drums, guitar and vocals.

The song has a length of 3:23 minutes and it is represented by a funky music video, released in 2002 and directed by Francis Lawrence.

The music video features a concert on a street, showing Avril Lavigne singing on the hood of a car.

Don’t lose the chance to play this brilliant song on your piano at home, as from now on you can find it available on our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne piano tutorial

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