Zazie - Rue de la Paix sheet music

Translated "The Street of Peace", the French song "Rue de la Paix" is a song originally performed by Zazie, one of the most famous French singers and fashion models in France. The artist is well known for the fact that she contributes a lot to the creation of the songs she is performing, both in writing, composing and producing them.

The song was included on the artist’s album called "La Zizanie", which is her fourth album. talking about this album, we need to mention that it appeared in 2001, on the 16th of October and it registered a high success from the very beginning. It went to the first position regarding the sales, having a total of more than 450,000 copies sold.

In addition, her album received the title of "Album of Variety" to Grammy 2002.

The album that includes the song "Rue de la Paix" was wanted to be initially called "La Zazizanie", without having the name written on the cover, but considering the fact that it was not built as a concept album, the idea was abandoned.

Regarding the talent of the singer, it may seem useless to mention that it contributed a lot to the great success it achieved, due to the fact that it is already known the multiple skills of the singer.

Even though she also developed a career in fashion, the artist chose music as her first passion.

And it seems she did a great job and she delighted her fans with her voice. In addition, the singer is also known for her natural amazing ability to use the words with multiple meanings, thing that proves her intelligence and capacity of thinking fast and well.

About the song, there can be said numerous things, but one of the most important ones is that it can be played piano. And it is well known the fact that the artist Zazie has been playing piano and violin since she was a little child.

So if you are a piano player, you might probably want to play the notes of this beautiful song and live it while you play it.

The Rue de la Paix free piano sheet music below has as main purpose to offer you help in playing the song as close to the original as possible. If not, you can create your own version of the song. Either way, you will enjoy it.

Piano tutorial and cover

Rue de la Paix - Zazie piano tutorial

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