Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar sheet music

One of the most appreciated songs that belong to Taylor Swift, who has numerous songs, most of them related to feelings, is called Teardrops on My Guitar.

The singer does not only perform the song, but she also participated in writing it, together with Liz Rose.

The producer of the song was Nathan Chapman, but Taylor Swift was involved even here, and it seems it was a good decision, considering the final result.

The release of the free Teardrops on My Guitar piano sheet music took place on February 19, 2007, by Big Machine Records, included on the singer’s debut studio album, but also on her second one, in 2008.

In addition, the singer decided to also include it on the album called Fearless, an international release.

The story presented by the song is inspired by a real experience that the singer lived, based on her feelings for a classmate, Drew Hardwick.

The boy was telling the girl everything that was happening in his amorous life, without realizing that the girl had actual feelings for him not as a friend, but as a lover.

The notes of the song are soft, the main instrument used to be the guitar, but a piano version could be as good as the original one.

Critics’ opinions state that it is a kind of country music, but there were also people that classified the song as pop.

The last ones sustained that the traditional country elements were actually missing from the song as an entire, even though there might have been some influences.

Regarding the specialists’ opinion, most of them appreciated a lot the singer’s voice and the original way in which she created the lyrics of the song.

Also, the free Teardrops on My Guitar piano sheets contributed a lot to spreading Taylor’s popularity all over the world. It fits her style and her image.

Teardrops on My Guitar peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, thing that proves the success that it achieved for the singer.

All in all, even though there could be said numerous other things about this magnificent song and the beautiful and talented woman that performs it, the most important idea is that you can convince yourself that it really is a great song.

Of course, it may depend on your feelings of the moment, but played as a piano melody, for example, it may calm you and give you a feeling of well-being and even gratitude.

So, you could play it yourself, using the materials we offer you here, but maybe you could avoid transforming the song into Teardrops on My Piano.

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Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift piano tutorial

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