Bruce Springsteen - Blinded by the Light sheet music

"Blinded by the Light" is the title of an original song by rock artist Bruce Springsteen.

It was featured as a single on the album "Greetings from Asbury Park, N. J.". It was recorded during the months of August and September, year 1972, at the 914 Sound Studios, in Blauvelt, city of New York.

This rock song has a length of 5 minutes and 6 seconds and was released by the label Columbia Records. It was written solely by Bruce Springsteen and produced by Jim Cretecos alongside Mike Appel. The original release date was in February 1973.

The B-side for the album version was the song "The Angel". The free Blinded by the Light piano sheet music is a mix of rock, Springsteen’s favorite musical genre.

A cover version that had lots of success was the one by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, from the year 1977. It was a hit at the time, hitting the top of the charts. This remake has been released officially in the United Kingdom in the year 1976, month of August. In the United Kingdom, it charted very well, hitting the sixth place on the BMRB charts.

The original version featured the following band members: Springsteen as the lead vocalist, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player; Vini Lopez, also called "Mad Dog", as the drummer and backing vocalist; Clarence Clemons at the sax player who also provided backing vocals and pianist Harold Wheeler.

The version by the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band included the following members:

  • Manfred Mann as the organist, pianist, keyboard player and backing vocalist;
  • bassist Colin Pattenden;
  • Dave Flett for the electric guitar;
  • Chris Hamlet Thompson as the vocalist and electric guitar player;
  • drummer Chris Slade, who also provided backing vocals alongside three other people, namely Doreen Chanter, Susanne Lynch and Irene Chanter.

The birth of "Blinded by the Light" took place when the album "Greetings from Asbury Park, N. J." was submitted for review before its release. The president of Columbia Records, Clive Davis, thought that the album was not complete and it did not have a single that could become a great hit.

Bruce Springsteen was therefore influenced to write two other songs, "Spirit in the Night" and "Blinded by the Light". Springsteen said that he was looking for rhymes in a dictionary and made up the song from that experience. This version was not successful though, not managing to chart.

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