Rod Stewart - The Killing of Georgie sheet music

Rod Stewart is a British rock artist, he is a singer and songwriter, born in January 1945 in London.

He is of Scottish and English ancestry and he has sold over 130 million records.

He is recognized for his distinctive raspy singing voice and he is a symbol of his genre, soft rock, and pop-rock.

The Killing of Georgie is a pop-rock song written by rod Stewart, released in 1976 as a part of the album named A Night on the Town.

Released as a single, the song reached the top in all charts, in the UK, Netherlands, US, and Canada.

It is a two-part song, the first one being more popular and the second being considered more somber and melancholic.

The story from the song is about a gay man, Georgie who was killed in New York City.

He was judged by his parents for his sexuality, so he left home and became popular in Manhattan.

He was killed by a gang of thieves near East 53rd Street.

The message from The Killing of Georgie is about living life to the full before it’s too late, a piece of very wise advice for everyone.

In the lyrics of The Killing of Georgie, the year of Georgie’s death is 1975 and was chosen for the purposes of the song’s rhyme.

The free Killing of Georgie piano sheet music background is, from Rod’s point of view:

a true story about a gay friend of The Faces. He was especially close to me and Mac. That was a song I wrote totally on my own over the chord of open E

The free Killing of Georgie piano sheets composition includes electric guitar, bass, and drums.

You can find the sheets on our website, easy to play at your piano.

Enjoy this wonderful song and let us know if you appreciate it as much as we do. Have fun and stay safe.

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