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Daniel Powter is a Canadian singer, well known for his hit Bad Day, which was an incredible success. His debut studio album named I’m Your Betty was released in 2000 and contained 10 songs, among which Bad Day was the most important, being used extensively on TV series and shows.

Bad Day is a song from the album named Daniel Powter, released on the 8th of February 2005. The song was written by Daniel and produced by Jeff Dawson together with Mitchell Froom.

Its success came from the fact that immediately after the release, the song was highly used on TV shows, commercials, series. For example, it was first used in a Coca-Cola commercial in 2004, before the official release. After this commercial, Daniel was offered a contract by Tom Whalley, the CEO of Warner Bros.Records.

Bad Day topped the charts, mainly Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary charts, Pop 100, and many others. It got platinum premiums in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, gold in Germany and Denmark.

The song sold was considered a major success in the US and all over the world, peaking charts and staying on top for many weeks and also being the most radio played hit between 2003-2008.

The history of the song begun in 1997, when Daniel had a melody in his head that "wouldn’t go away" for more than two weeks, so he started thinking about some lyrics to put together. Bad Day was first released to French radio stations in early 2005.

The lyrics and composition are in a midtempo pop – power ballad and it was composed in the key E major. Looking into the free Bad Day piano sheets, the main instruments used are piano, drums, guitar, keyboards, and bass.

The video is directed by Marc Webb and it had more than 1 million views in the first year from its release. The video shows a man and a woman in their normal life, for three days. The video shows them in a parallel screen, doing the same things and sometimes in the same location. The video is a romantic style, in the end the two characters finally meeting in a rainy day, when he offers her an umbrella and they get into a taxi and drive away.

The free Bad Day piano sheet music is available on our website so you can enjoy it and learn how to play.

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