Elton John - Looking Up sheet music

Elton John is the composer and singer of many important songs nowadays and not only. He wrote Looking Up in 2015, as part of the album named Wonderful Crazy Night.

The song is part of the Rock and Roll genre and looking into its composition, we can find elements like piano, vocals, and guitar.

It is a really simple composition and easy to play at your piano with the help of the free Looking Up piano sheets from our website.

The message of the song is positive, trying to give an energic vibe and as Bernie Taupin said, he felt like there was "enough pain and suffering in the world" so he wanted to bring something in the world "that exuded positive energy".

Looking Up music video is full of colors and invites you to feel the positive vibe and "look up". It is a cartoon video, made with almost all shapes you can imagine: circles, lines, bubbles, triangles, and so on. All of them together composing a lot of exploding colors, changing into glasses, people, stars, hearts, planets, many shapes, even fireworks.

The fact that they show a lot of glasses in the video, is because they wanted to pay a tribute to the countless glasses that Elton has worn over the years and still is. The glasses are like a watermark for Elton, being known for the multitude of colors and shapes.

Bernie and Elton managed to send a great feeling through their song, Bernie declared that "I like the idea of coming at it from a different angle. We’re not the sort of guys who are going to solve the world’s problems and write about fracking and corporate greed."

The free Looking Up piano sheet music includes all the information about the song’s composition. Enjoy and stay tuned for more songs.

Piano tutorial and cover

Looking Up - Elton John piano tutorial

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