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"Through Glass" was released on July 22nd , 2006 and it’s a song from American rock band Stone Sour.

The song was written by Corey Taylor, who was inspired by the need of a revolution in music and how he regarded its present state. Taylor is the band's lead vocalist.

Prior to Stone Sour, he was the lead vocalist of another great heavy metal band called Slipknot. According to the artist, inspiration hit when he was in an European hotel room.

"Through Glass" was released under the umbrella of Roadrunner Records. The single has a duration of four minutes and one second on the radio edit version and four minutes and forty seconds on the album version.

"Through Glass" is part of Stone Sour’s second studio album, "Come What (Ever) May".

The song had a huge success. It peaked at the first position on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. It remained in the top place for seven weeks straight. Also, on the Alternative Songs chart, the sing reached the second position.

After the song was aired on pop radio, it was featured on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, at the 39th position. Until this date, the song "Through Glass" is Stone Sour's biggest hit.

The music video features the guitarist Poison and it was directed by Tony Petrossian.

"Through Glass" is a contemporary hit which reached the public worldwide and became a commercial success.

The single received major demand from the audience which led to the radio stations to offer it more airplay. It has his stable place within the music industry and also gained Stone Sour fame and popularity nationwide and also international recognition. It’s the band’s most important hit and signature as well, up until this day.

It is well known that the man behind the success was mainly Corey Taylor, to whom is owed this great work.

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Through Glass - Stone Sour piano tutorial

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