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"Blue Moon" is a popular song which was initially published in the year 1935.

The ballad was written by Lorez Hart along Richard Rodgers, one year earlier. The latter was also responsible for the music composition.

However, the song became highly popular only in 1961 when it was recorded and released by The Marcels.

The title suggests melancholy, as blue is a color of sadness, and also refers to the expression "once in a blue moon", suggesting the rarity of the events.

The history of "Blue Moon" dates back from 1924 when the writers were asked by MGM to compose a song for the movie "Manhattan Melodrama".

The song was originally titled "It's Just That Kind of Play" but remained unpublished. After the producers took the decision of including another number in the movie, extra lyrics were added to the initial work.

After the the film's release, the couple were pursued to write yet another lyrics and also to change the title to a more romantic and commercial one. The final work was first sung by Shirley Ross.

"Blue Moon" premiered at "Hollywood Hotel", a radio station.

One year later, the song was recorded by Connee Boswell through Brunswick Records. After gaining popularity, it was also featured in various other MGM productions such as "Viva Las Vegas" and "At The Circus".

An important singer to record "Blue Moon" was Frank Sinatra, whose version appeared in the radio stations from the video game "Fallout: New Vegas". It also serves as an unofficial song on Premier League for Manchester City Football Club as well as for Crewe Alexandra Football Club.

The popular song was featured on the movie "Blue Jasmine" which was released in 2013 and directed by Woody Allen.

"Blue Moon" managed to remain a popular and demanded song through the decades as it has been constantly covered by important artists, besides Frank Sinatra. The list includes Billy Eckstine, who covered it in 1949 and entered the Billboard charts. Another cover was made by Mel Torme, in 1949 as well, through the Capitol label.

Elvis Presley also recorded the song and released it in 1956 as part of his debut album named "Elvis Presley"; His version was included in the movie "Mystery Train", from 1989.

Maybe the most important cover, the one from The Marcels, was released in 1961 and topped the Billboard Pop chart. The single was a huge commercial success, as it sold more than one million copies. It is also featured in the list of the "500 Songs That Shaped Rock And Roll", from The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

"Blue Moon" has become a classic, as it began as an unpublished work and continued with important names like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

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Blue Moon - Frank Sinatra piano tutorial

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