Avicii - Waiting For Love sheet music

Avicii, by his real name Tim Bergling, was a Swedish DJ, born on September 19.

He, unfortunately, died in April 2018.

He was a Swedish DJ, remixer, and songwriter.

Avicii began mixing electronic music at the age of 16, and he had his first studio album in 2013, named True.

In 2016 he retired from touring due to his health and mental severe problems and in the end, he took his own life in April 2018.

The artist left behind a lot of great songs, among which is also the one we are talking about today - Waiting For Love.

Waiting For Love is one of the best songs produced and written by Avicii.

It was released in May 2015, as part of the album named Stories.

The song premiered at Ultra Music Festival in 2015 and topped the charts in Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, and Hungary.

The free Waiting For Love piano sheet music has a length of 3:48 minutes and was released as a progressive house, dance, and electronic song, under the PRMD and Universal record labels.

It was produced by Avicii and Martin Garrix and written by Salem Al Fakir, Simon Aldred, Avicii, Martijn Garritsen, and Vincent Pontare.

The free Waiting For Love piano sheets has a progressive house composition, written in the key of F minor, at a beat of 128 BPM.

Sebastian Ringler directed a music video for the song, featuring a lovely story, with an old man being taken care of by his wife, who suddenly disappears one night.

He goes after her on his mobility scooter and so starts his journey. In the end, he returns home, finding her waiting for him and then they celebrate their reunion.

Waiting for Love has two more videos, besides the official one.

One of those two is a 360 video, published in May 2015, and the second is a lyric video, directed by Jesper Eriksson and Blackmeal’s CEO – Matthieu Colombel.

All three videos had enormous success, as the single itself.

We strongly recommend you try playing your piano at home, as the piano version is amazing, and it would fill your home with love.

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Waiting For Love - Avicii piano tutorial

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