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No Boundaries is a song by Kris Allen, an American musician, singer, and songwriter.

He was born in June 1985 in Conway, and he won the eight season American Idol TV Show.

The artist got famous due to this success, but he also released an album named Brand New Shoes.

He started his musical career in 2007, in the pop-rock music genre and he plays vocals, guitar, piano, and keyboards.

No Boundaries was written by Kara DioGuardi, Cathy Dennis, and Mitch Allan, and produced by Emanuel Kiriakou.

The song was released in May 2009 by Kris Allen as a pop-rock, R&B, pop, and soul single, under the Sony Music records label.

The free No Boundaries piano sheet music has a length of 3:30 minutes and it is the 2009 winner’s single of the eighth season of the TV show named American Idol.

It was first performed in May 2009, on the TV show as a final performance by Allen.

The song was also performed as a demo by Kara DioGuardi, a version that leaked onto the Internet at the time, and by Adam Lambert.

Both versions of the song were released to digital retailers on the 20th of May 2009.

Once released, the free No Boundaries piano sheets received mixed reviews, but both the public and critics highly appreciated the song.

No Boundaries entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number eleven and sold more than 134,000 paid digital downloads.

The story behind the lyrics attracted a lot of criticism though, being described as a titanic mound of turgid clichés, or Billboard’s review, saying that:

Even though Allen sings lines like "there are no boundaries", his modest presentation implicitly recognizes there actually are.

And though he sings he will "climb another mountain", this is a vocalist who will reach that peak with a trained, experienced guide.

Even if the rhythm is not so complex, we enjoy having all the information you need to play it at your piano at home.

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No Boundaries - Kris Allen piano tutorial

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