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Amanda Leigh Moore was born in April 1984 in the U.S., and is an American artist, acting as a singer, songwriter, and actress.

The artist began her musical career in 1993 and debuted with her single Candy, which peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100.

She sings mainly pop and dance and she is famous for her role in the comedy movie Dr. Dolittle 2.

Mandy Moore’s song – Cry, was released in November 2001 and was written by James Renald and composed by him and Peter Mokran.

The song is part of her album named Mandy Moore and from A Walk to Remember: Music From the Motion Picture.

It was set to be released approximately at the same time as the movie, having the same theme and being perfect for the movie’s soundtrack.

Cry has a length of 3:43 seconds and was released under the Epic label, as a pop song or maybe more as a ballad.

The lyrics of the song tell a story of a woman who thinks the man she loves has no feelings, is insensitive, until the day she sees him crying: "You were all by yourself, staring up at the dark grey sky, I was changed...".

The instrumental composition is made out of the guitar, composing the romantic ballad elements of the song.

The free Cry piano sheet music has a beautiful rhythm, which was praised by the critics and public at the moment of its release and was considered "such a beautiful song on every level".

It was a financial success, as well as the movie itself, even if the song never entered the Billboard Hot 100. Up to date, Cry has sold 15,000 physical copies.

The free Cry piano sheets also have a music video, directed by Chris Applebaum.

The video was released in 2002 and shows Mandy Moore singing the song in Heaven, looking like the night sky.

It was included as a multimedia track on the expanded edition of the movie’s soundtrack.

If you are a romantic person or just in a romantic mood, you can try playing Cry at your piano, with the help of our resources available on the website.

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