Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something sheet music

Beginning with the '64s, Michael Jackson started to write legend in the music industries.

Starting as a member of the band Jackson 5, he became quickly a pop star. Nowadays, he is known all over the world and songs like Heal the World, Dirty Diana or Wanna Be Starting Something are broadcasted in the radios.

The song Wanna Be Starting Something was released in 1983, taking part in the album Thriller, the number six album of Jackson. Michael, alongside Quincy Jones, wrote the lyrics and composed the melody of what a soon became a hit song.

This melody is a blend of musical rhythms: in a tricky way, Michael brought together an alert rhythm, completed by a great trumpet sound. This was a successful compilation, that's why many artists undertook it, as Rihanna in Please Don't Stop the Music.

According to some, the main idea of the song is built as having as basis how arguments can be started without any reasons.

The song was a great strike and it received only positive reviews from the audiences in those days. Besides that, Michael registered a high success regarding the commercial achievements all around the world.

Even though the song wasn't related to a video, there are plenty of live versions on the internet, from his concerts in different countries.

Michael sung it along with his brothers, in the band Jackson 5, and in his solo concerts. That shows that a well-written song doesn't need a video in order to become a hit and that is enough for the author to sing it with passion and devotion.

The song entered in the Billboard Hot 100.

Later, in 2008, the song enjoyed a place in the top charts and, after Michael died, his fans repositioned the melody in the musical tops by downloading it.

As a tribute, Akon, a famous singer, released a version of this song in 2008: Wanna Be Starting Something 2008 with Akon. This version of the song was a hit in over 20 countries, entering Billboard Hot 100 on the 81st position.

Summing everything up, there is not only one reason in order to state and support the idea according to which Michael Jackson is one of the best artists of all times, a real king that charmed people not only through his spectacular stage presentations, but also through his charming lyrics, as there is the case of Wanna Be Starting Something, which served as one of the best inspiration sources for the free Wanna Be Starting Something piano sheets that we offer you below.

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