Ace of Base - Lucky Love sheet music

"Lucky Love" is the title of a song by Ace of Base, featured on their second album, "The Bridge".

Being the lead single for the 1994 album, "Lucky Love" was also their fifth single and the first one from the album to be released throughout Europe.

Also made as an acoustic version, this specific version has been number two single in Canada and USA. The original song also ranked at the top of the Swedish charts.

The single had two music video versions, one for Europe, and one US version for the acoustic. The European version was the first one released, expressing the story of a woman meeting her old crush from when they were teenagers.

The band members are presented as simple actors in the video, as well as filming with a hand camera.

The US version of the song presents different couples engaged in different activities, footage of the band being intertwined in the midst of all that. The European version has an alternate version as well, featuring the acoustic version of the song as well, a version incorporated on their "Greatest Hits, Classic Remixes and Music Videos" DVD.

Several versions of the song were made available, as well as an Extended Original Version, a Raggasol Version, an Amadin Mix, an Armand’s British Nites Mix, a Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix, a Vission Lorimer Funkdified Mix, a Lenny B’s Club Mix.

Produced by Denniz Pop, Jonas Berggren and Max Martin, "Lucky Love" has made its mark on the pop genre, getting ranked top ten in Belgium, Canada, France, Finland and Spain.

A true European hit, the song now has its piano sheets featured down below, available for you to download now. Enjoy and stay tuned for more fresh and interesting material!

Piano tutorial and cover

Lucky Love - Ace of Base piano tutorial

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