Family of the Year - Hero sheet music

Family of the Year is a musical band who approaches the indie style of music.

One of their most famed song is Hero from the album Loma Vista.

The song Hero had been written in 2012 and it had been released with the help of the typography Nettwerk Records. Being part of the second album of the Family of the Year’s band, it had been a masterpiece.

The lyrics were composed by a member of the band, Joe Keefe, who received the support of the production team Wax LTD.

This melody first appeared on the band’s extension play named Through the Trees, but it was a short version of it. Subsequently, the tune is found on the album Loma Vista in its primary version.

Being a catchy song, it attracted some movie producers. Therefore it’s been used as a soundtrack both for the trailer of the movie Boyhood and for the movie per se. As well, the song is featured in series like Degrassi: the Next Generation or Girls.

As far as that goes the musical rhythm, this melody is a relaxing one. Starting with an easy-going guitar pulse to which is added James Buckey’s soothing voice, the melody ends up being a classic song for the lovers of indie music.

Concerning the lyrics, they present a pretty interesting idea: the craving for growing old and the desire of holding up the life. In this song are exposed the thoughts of a teenager who just wants to fight like everyone else.

The chorus indicates the idea of freedom and that we all wish taking the decisions by ourselves, especially when we are young.

This song comes along with a black and white video, in which is presented a part of the life of a cowboy. Every now and then, the band shows up. The ambient is a pleasant one, just like the melodic line.

As you can see, the melody Hero has a softening effect, just like the indie music in the main. Is the perfect type of song you could listen while drinking a hot tea in a rainy day.

Also, you could check our piano sheet that we made for you right below the article.

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Hero - Family of the Year piano tutorial

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