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"Flora’s Secret" is a song by new-age artist singer Enya, featured on her 2000 album "A Day Without Rain".

An album featuring great successes, such as the single "Only Time", it has also won the Grammy for "Best New Age Album" in 2002. Selling over 15 million copies, it was very well received by the audience, as well as by the critics, Billboard stating that the album brought a fresh and innovative sound to the genre.

One of the lesser known songs on the album, "Flora’s Secret" was the sixth song on the album, with lyrics written by Roma Ryan, the same writer for all the other songs. A very chillful and peaceful song, it is very similar to Enya’s work on her first album, but distinguishes itself with new instrumentals and pleasant vibes.

The song expresses a fairy-like environment, starting with the verse: "Lovers In The Long Grass".

The lyrics continue to express a sort of paradise for two lovers, with visual scenes such as

River flowing

All around the sounds


Silver willows

Tears from Persia

The title of the song expresses the fact that the secret of the flora, of the flowers lies deep inside the lovers’ hearts and only they can know it:

Close behind her

Whispering of love

Flora’s secret

Telling them of love

Flora’s secret is a song that expresses love, peace and being on a very successful album by Enya, is part of a masterpiece that will last forever.

Enya’s voice is very special and adds variety to the song, the instrumental being surreal as well.

You can now enjoy the free piano sheet for "Flora’s Secret" down below.

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Flora's Secret - Enya piano tutorial

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