Queen - We Will Rock You sheet music

We Will Rock You is a song by the famous British rock band, Queen.

The song was featured on their sixth studio album titled News of the World.

Part of a great album, this song became one of the best-known rock songs throughout the world, alongside other works from this album, such as We Are the Champions and Spread Your Wings.

Featuring a power chorus and becoming sort of an anthem, this arena rock genre song has been performed live by Queen intensively, especially together with We Are the Champions, in more than one version.

We Will Rock You was published on Queen’s album from 1979 Live Killers, as well as on the live albums Queen Rock Montreal from 2007 and the Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl from 2004.

The single has been written by guitarist Brian May, who was also involved, besides playing the electric guitar for the song, in backing vocals and handclaps and foot stomps, together with the rest of the band.

May’s inspiration is also visible in the free We Will Rock You piano sheet music.

With Roger Taylor’s backing vocals and Freddie Mercury’s lead vocals, the song became one of the best songs ever, getting featured on Rolling Stone’s The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list from 2004.

It even got placed on rank 146 on the Songs of the Century RIAA list.

Being used tens of times in sporting events, TV shows, movies, We Will Rock You was also covered by tons of artists, including Warrant, Viper, Linda Ronstadt, John Farnham, Nickelback, David Garrett, Guns N’Roses, U2, Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, Anastacia, Robbie Williams, Prince, Sonata Arctica, Celine Dion, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, My Chemical Romance and Sum 41, just to name a few.

Along with many other remixes and samples from the song, We Will Rock You has truly become an international hit.

You can now learn how to play this wonderful rock song on the piano as well, thanks to the free We Will Rock You piano sheets listed below.

Piano tutorial and cover

We Will Rock You - Queen piano tutorial

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