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"What Makes a Man" is a song by Westlife, an Irish boyband.

It was released as their third single and featured on their second studio album titled "Coast to Coast", which got released back in the year 2000.

In the UK, it started at number 39, being one of the best selling singles of the year 2000 and it even received a Gold certification by the RIAA for selling nearly half a million copies world wide.

Despite the success, it was the bands' first single not to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart, getting beaten by the cartoon series' "Bob the Builder" theme song called "Can We Fix It?".

One of the bands' members, Brian Mc Fadden, stated in an interview with Worldpop.com that

"It's a weak song, and we didn't do much promotional work. Bob deserved it."

Westlife performed the song in several of their tours such as: Where Dreams Come True Tour (2001), World of Our Own Tour (2002), Unbreakable Tour (2003), Turnaround Tour (2004), The Number Ones Tour (2005), Face to Face Tour (2006), The Love Tour (2007)* Back Home Tour (2008), Where We Are Tour (2010), Gravity Tour (2011) and The Farewell Tour (2012).

"What Makes a Man" by Westlife can now be played on the piano as well, thanks to the free piano notes featured just below.

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Piano tutorial and cover

What Makes a Man - Westlife piano tutorial

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