Lalo Schifrin - Theme from Mission Impossible sheet music

The success of the original theme created by composer Lalo Schifrin resulted in several further works, such as Mission Impossible franchise, 1988 TV series and the video games series.

The 1960s version stood up so well with, so that acknowledged the greatest theme songs notoriety.

Sportively, Schifrin said that he composed for people who have five legs referring to his 5/4 time signature - a complex, asymmetric and unusual signature used for the first time in a piano composition. Before long after its release, in 1967, the original song peaked at no. 41 on the Billboard Hot 100, no.19 on the Magazine's Adult Contemporary chart and also no. 19 on Billboard Easy Listening.

As a matter of innovation, the bongos were replaced with drums during the 5th session of the original series. This is visible from the free Theme from Mission Impossible piano sheet music as well.

After U2's version, in January 2013, Lindsey Stirling (dancer and violinist), together with the Piano Guys, offered their interpretation based on the original theme. The freshness of this ultimate version consists of the turning of the Piano Sonata in C by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a self-composed passage to the end of the piece.

About The Movie

Mission Impossible is a 1996 action spy film sprung from the Cold War conceivable happenings. The movie was directed by Brian de Palma, produced and starring Tom Cruise.

The Cold War tallied for decades Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary and Berlin Wall and born in our imagination certain stories with smart, indestructible and well trained emissaries, knowledgeable politicians and Intelligence Agencies.

This movie came to us in a successful manner and plumped our hunger of a true and credible story.

The first series brought to our attention a remarkable main theme composed by Lalo Schifrin who wrote secondary pieces for each character. Also, the composer made a name for himself being able to play back different beliefs and convictions exploiting each opportunity to synchronize the plot with music.

There jazz met the symphony in his ability to combine the traditional and present day techniques. Maybe it was the most unconventional osmosis as concerns the main musical theme and movie plot.

As well it is important to know that in 1968, Lalo Schifrin was nominated to Individual Achievements in Music for Composition.

None the less the Mission was impossible, Schifrin noticed that anything is possible.

It deserves well to bring to our mind other composers who worked on the series as Jerry Fielding, Walter Scharf or Gerald Field.

U2's version

We talk about inspiration since the soul of listener met U2's electronic band dance version produced by Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton based on the original theme song.

U2 knew how to perform a certain style and that s why the song went into top ten and benefited from a nomination at Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Performance.

It gains the wind of different approach. They embark on a new line of music in comparison with Schifrin using more melodic instrumentals in a modern technique. They focus on a certain message that follows to hand on.

You have below the free Theme from Mission Impossible piano sheets for your own enjoyment.

Piano tutorial and cover

Theme from Mission Impossible - Lalo Schifrin piano tutorial

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