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"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" is a single from Californian rock band Journey, featured on their eighth album titled "Frontiers".

The single was released on the fifth of January, 1983 and was written by Steve Perry alongside Jonathan Cain, while the production duo involved Mike Stone and Kevin Elson.

The story of this hard rock song is that its writing happened while the band was on a tour, the "Escape" one. First played at the "Day on the Green" concert from 1982, the song started at a bootleg and was an old project that got included on their album by chance.

"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" incorporates the progressive rock genre, as well as R&B and blues, with a "haunting melody". The single has been featured on "Tron: Legacy", a Disney movie from 2010.

A game called "Journey" was also released by Midway Games and the song got used in that project as well.

The music video was featured on MTV, but it was severely criticized, director Tom Buckholtz didn’t manage to produce a high content video. It was even listed on a 25 Worst Videos of All Time MTV list in 1999.

"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" managed to get into the top 100 of Australian Kent Music Report, on number 93. In Canada, it reached rank 11 on the RPM Top Singles charts, while in Poland in peaked at 15, in South Africa at 17, in the US being more popular, hitting eighth on the US Billboard Hot 100, topping the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and even getting ninth place on the Cashbox Top 100.

This great single by Journey is now available for the piano as well, enjoy the free piano sheet listed below and remember to check BossPiano regularly. We constantly update our musicians and melodies!

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Separate Ways - Journey piano tutorial

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