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"You Rock My World" is one of the newest songs of Michael Jackson, or better said, from his last era.

At that time, there were a lot of people or fans who didn't believe anymore in Michael's power, energy, or talent.

This was most because nowadays, almost anybody can come out with some lyrics and a microphone and they are on TV, no matter their talent or experience.

And with that amount of music and artists, the real ones like Michael, Madonna etc, got a little forgotten.

That was the moment when a new album came on the market, "Invincible". And it won our hearts with the design, the music videos and all those songs, I can remember "Heaven can wait", "You rock my world" like it was yesterday.

So, in 2001, Michael's album was on top again. "You Rock My World" got on the Billboard Hot 100 on the 10th position and it was also, like I said, like a remainder of his career.

The feeling at that point, was "oh, yes, i knew it! Michael will rock on forever", or some people would say "well...i believe this is the beginning of the end", which was a little sad, but true.

Although the era was no longer Michael's, not only the fans were impressed by the song. It was like a short film given to us by Michael, we had a lot of time to spend in front of the television, being happy.

The song was about getting a woman's attention and was very much alike with "The way you make me feel", and the video shows Michael and Chris Tucker, trying to get the attention of a beautiful woman and even though some may say the story was too long, in the end all the critics were amazed and the hit sold 6 million copies worldwide.

Michael was very sexy and gentleman in the movie and his voice was also amazing, like always, with some particularities that you will never find somewhere else.

Just sit and listen to it, and let it tell you everything about love and the effect it can have, as Michael says in the opening line:

"My life...will never be the same, 'cause, girl, you came and changed the way I walk, the way I talk, I cannot explain..."

Michael Jackson's free You Rock My World piano sheet is available below for download.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more sheets daily!

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You Rock My World - Michael Jackson piano tutorial

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