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Gloomy Sunday is the song that will end our weekend, of course, on a relaxing Sunday evening.

Emilie Autumn is an American artist, acting as a singer and songwriter and also poet, violinist, and author.

She has a different musical style, which was defined as Victoriandustrial, Fantasy Rock, or Fairy Pop, influenced by glam rock music genres from history, plays, or novels and incorporating elements of cabaret, electronica, classical music, and burlesque.

We chose her version of the free Gloomy Sunday piano sheet music when presenting the song to you because it is one of the most loved by the public.

The song, also known as the Hungarian Suicide Song, was originally composed by Rezso Seress and was released back in 1933.

First recorded in English, the free Gloomy Sunday piano sheets own a very special song theme – about despair caused by war, looking also at people’s sins, ending in silent prayer.

The song was originally written by poet Laszlo Javor, who wrote his own lyrics, in which the main character wants to commit suicide following his girlfriend’s death.

Gloomy Sunday was also recorded in Hungarian by Pal Kalmar in 1935, but the song became popular in both languages.

The problem aroused by the song is that there is an urban legend saying that many people have died because of listening to this song and actually committing suicide.

The song was banned from the radio and media, even if most of the claims are unsubstantiated.

Looking into the composition of Gloomy Sunday, the song’s original composition was a piano melody line in C-minor, with the lyrics sung over it and the main idea was to underline the story regarding the lost love, not the suicidal stories.

Until today we don’t know the truth about all of this, but we are happy to have Gloomy Sunday on our website.

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Gloomy Sunday - Emilie Autumn piano tutorial

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