Journey - Eye of the Tiger sheet music

A song written only for the sole purpose of serving as a theme for the movie Rocky III, Eye of the Tiger is a piece of art that Dave Bickler and Jim Peterik, members of Survivor, the rock band responsible for it, engineered to perfection when asked to do so by actor Sylvester Stallone, who admitted to being a big fan of their work.

The fast tempo, combined with the hard rock power chords made the song achieve double platinum status, even if their "Eye of the Tiger" album was not as successful and neither was their next album.

We’ll tell you what is successful though, the way Journey covered this song and the available below piano sheet for their magnificent cover.

The story of the original song starts with a phone call from Stallone, who, being denied by Queen the usage of "Another One Bites the Dust", tried to get Survivor to write a new song for the movie, being a fan of their previous work.

The original song was released in 1982, but is’ been covered several years later by the rock band Journey, using it as an anthem for their live shows intensively.

A huge success and a modern piece of art even in our times, the song has been covered by other bands intensively in the last two decades, but the piano skills of Jonathan Cain ensured that Journey has the best cover of the song and now the piano sheet for it is available for you, right here.

Piano tutorial and cover

Eye of the Tiger - Journey piano tutorial

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