Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones Main Title sheet music

Today we are looking into the free Game of Thrones Main Title piano sheets, making it the centerpiece of your piano for this weekend.

Game of Thrones is a great fantasy TV series of this day and age, which was remarked on and appreciated by many experts in the field, one of the reasons for this is represented by the magnificent soundtrack that it features, and the main theme has received numerous positive reviews.

The TV series mentioned can be watched on the U.S. cable channel, which is well known all over the world - HBO.

The music of the series is composed by Ramin Djawadi and its publisher is Varese Sarabande.

The most impressive part of the music that appears in the TV series, is represented by the free Game of Thrones Main Title piano sheet music, which is an instrumental soundtrack, and was called so due to the fact that it accompanies the sequence of the title that the series has.

The main theme of the series is very popular and numerous covers have been created by different artists all over the world, which with the passing of time, became also known on the market and the industry.

There were also numerous adaptations made for the song, from some indie bands, a thing that also brought its contribution to the beauty of the main theme from the Game of Thrones Series.

It seems that, according to some rumors, the series would not be so liked and promoted all over the world without having such a great soundtrack, which belongs to Djawadi.

The Game of Thrones Main Title can be qualified as soft and mystery-keeping at the same time.

It seems deeply filled with moments transferred into sounds.

The composer states that the song succeeds to offer the series its distinctive way of being seen and approached and giving the series identity.

One of the special requirements that the producers of the series had for the composer artist, was represented by the fact that they wanted him not to use any sounds that were previously used, like blues or solo vocals.

This idea seemed amazing, considering not only the success of the soundtrack but also the way that it introduces you to the series' atmosphere.

Inspired by an early version of the series in the computer-animated form, the composer succeeded in creating a masterpiece of the field, consolidating the relationship between the plot of the film and the Game of Thrones Main Title soundtrack, which has a distinct beauty.

Piano tutorial and cover

Game of Thrones Main Title - Ramin Djawadi piano tutorial

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