Guns N' Roses - 14 Years sheet music

14 Years is a song by the iconic hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.

It was featured as the second track from their fourth studio album Use Your Illusion II, released in 1991.

Take note that this fourth album has topped the US charts, also getting at the top of the UK charts for seven days.

The song was released in 1991 as well and it belongs to the hard rock, blues-rock, and heavy metal music genres.

14 Years is a special song from a special album, seeing that Izzy Stradlin sings most of the song, except for the chorus when Axl Rose makes his voice known.

The free 14 Years piano sheet music has a duration of 4:16 minutes. It was released under the Geffen label.

A limited-edition song for live events, 14 Years is supposed to be about the friendship between Stradlin and Rose, but it has never been confirmed.

They have known each other for 14 years at the time the song was produced, presumably. The story has never been confirmed by the members of the band, as it was a sensitive subject between them.

In addition, since Stradlin left the band, the song has not been included in their performances.

Starting from a demo, 14 Years is the product of a modified first verse and chorus, as well as a change for the rest of the verses.

Looking into the free 14 Years piano sheets composition, like the majority of the band’s songs, it uses multiple instruments.

Starring Axl Rose on the piano, backing vocals and production, Stradlin as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Slash as the lead guitarist, Duff McKagan as the bassist and backing vocals, Dizzy Reed as the organist, and Matt Sorum as the drummer.

All band members have been involved in the production of the song.

The lyrics tend to express that the song is about betrayal.

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