Queen - We Are the Champions sheet music

Into the area of classical rock music, the band Queen managed to assure their success and continuity by composing memorable songs.

Among this multitude of hits is the song We Are the Champions. It is impossible not to hear it at least once in your life.

The song We Are the Champions was written by the vocalist and songwriter of the band, Freddie Mercury, in 1977.

The song was included in the album News of the World. After the album was released, on 7th of October 1977, the success followed. The song enjoyed a huge and fast ascent into the rock music field. As the time passed, the song was used into the sportive field as a victory song and it became a rock anthem.

As far as that goes the musical rhythm, we can relate it’s a catchy one. Freddie’s voice resounds on the mixture of the piano, drums and guitars in a majestic and powerful way. Musically speaking, this rock ballad is composed about the piano part. Besides that, the song contains some jazz harmony: the 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th. Also, Freddie made this song a memorable one by playing some very high notes at the chorus. In order to allow you to become a champion at the piano, we created the piano notes just for you. Take a look!

As respects the lyrics, this rock ballad introduces the idea of winning, no matter what. Freddie sings it out loud that there’s no time for losers and by his imposing tone, he succeeds to give the audience a might emotional state. The song represents a sort of a warning blended with self-confidence. In another words, the song represents the incentive that every competitor needs, no matter the branch.

The message that those lyrics sent is extremely well combined with the rhythm and that’s the way this song earned the fame.

The official music video is directed by Derek Burbridge and reproduces a concert. It was filmed on 6th of October, 1977 at the New London Theatre Centre.

Besides that, the internet contains a big number of other videos with live interpretations.

With this song, the band Queen succeeded to remain in history. People from all over the world know this song and sings it out loud. Also, the success is represented by the fact that the radios, nowadays, still broadcast this song and the important part is the audience loves it.

Plus, the band received multiple nominalizations in different musical tops, like Billboard and Top UK. Also, the song enjoyed the entry into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Piano tutorial and cover

We Are the Champions - Queen piano tutorial

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