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Isn’t it a pity not to know, firstly, something about George Gershwin, the artist who composed a song which has twenty-seven versions?

George Gershwin was an American composer and pianist who was known especially for his attraction to classical music. At the beginning, he was a song plugger, but soon, he proved he can be a true master of the orchestra.

His first major classical work was named "Rhapsody in Blue" which it is also popular nowadays, being took-over by several artist.

However, "Rhapsody in Blue" isn’t the only popular song of George Gershwin's. Isn’t it a pity, as I said at the beginning, has twenty-seven versions, the latter being played recently, in February 2012 by Arlene Bardelle.

That’s why we can say that a song which awakens in us feelings that we never thought we have, never fails.

The melodic line was composed by Gershwin and written in 1933 by his brother, Ira Gershwin, with whom he started composing Broadway Theatre.

"Isn’t it a pity?" was introduced by George Givot and Josephine Huston to the musical "Pardon my English". This musical has a book, written by Herbert Fields and Morrie Ryskind.

"Pardon my English" is a musical with a book by Herbert Fields and Morrie Ryskind, which opened on Broadway on January 20, 1933 at the Majestic Theater and ran for 43 performances. "Let`s forget the past" but the past cannot be forgotten.

It seems that many artists have wanted to pay tribute to Gershwin through the covers of his song.

Opening that musical, it seems that the song has left its mark strong enough because everyone associates "Pardon my English" with "Isn`t it a pity?".

Nevertheless, this song passed through generations and it succeeded remaining a source of inspiration. It’s important to know the roots of music, in order to understand what music really means, starting with the classic one.

We believe that Gershwin’s music must be submitted, that’s why we created it's piano sheet.

Well…Isn’t it a pity not to enjoy the elixir of eternal life which great artists have created through their music?

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Isn't It a Pity - George Gershwin piano tutorial

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