Alan Menken - Happy Working Song (from Enchanted) sheet music

"Happy Working Song" is the name of a song composed by Alan Menken together with lyrics writer Stephen Schwartz, intended for the Disney musical movie titled "Enchanted" from 2007.

Recorded in 2007 and released later that year on the 20th of November, this pop genre song has a length of 2 minutes and nine seconds.

It was co-produced by Menken and Schwartz together with Danny Troob.

With actress Amy Adams starring as Giselle in the movie, "Happy Working Song" has an uptempo style and is intended to be a parody to multiple Disney animation movies.

One of those titles is the song "Whistle While You Work" from the 1937 movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". "Happy Working Song" has been included on the album "Enchanted: Original Soundtrack" released by the Walt Disney label.

In the movie, the scene where "Happy Working Song" appears is taking place in an apartment belonging to the Robert character. Located in New York, Manhattan, this apartment is the host of Giselle, getting there after she got relocated from the magical land of Andalasia. When Giselle wakes up, she sees that the apartment is dirty and begins to clean it.

To help her in this task, she calls for the aid of some magical animals. This musical number is inspired also from the 1950 movie "Cinderella". Part of the song "Happy Working Song" is influenced highly by one of the songs from the "Beauty and the Beast" soundtrack from 1991. That song was called "Belle".

The musical style of "Happy Working Song" resembles that of three songs from the Disney label. First of all, the song "Heigh-Ho" taken from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" provides an initial inspiration. Then, "The Work Song" from the animated movie "Cinderella" plays its role, having huge similarity even in its title with the "Enchanted" one.

The song "Something There" from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" is also parodied and used as a source of inspiration.

Critically speaking, "Happy Working Song" from the "Enchanted" soundtrack was received well, getting acclaimed and mainly praised.

The originality of the funny and smart lyrics, together with the playful style of the instrumental melody provided facts for the critics to praise the "Happy Working Song". It was nominated for the category of Best Original Song at the Academy Awards ceremony number 80.

"Happy Working Song" by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz is available to play on the piano via the free downloadable PDF posted here. Enjoy the pop piano material and stay tuned for more.

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Happy Working Song (from Enchanted) - Alan Menken piano tutorial

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