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The American singer, songwriter, and actress, Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch, by her stage name Michelle Branch, enchants us today with her amazing song Everywhere.

Branch has been active since 1999 and sings mainly pop-rock, rock, and country music genres.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, as she plays vocals, drums, accordion, guitar, piano, and cello.

Everywhere is one of her greatest songs, recorded by her in 2001 and released in July same year.

The song was co-written by Branch with John Shanks and it was produced by the latter.

The free Everywhere piano sheet music belongs to Michelle Branch’s second studio album – The Spirit Room.

Once released, the song reached the top 20 in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the Netherlands.

It peaked at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2001, and it remains the artist’s most successful single worldwide.

It has the label of an upbeat pop-rock song and has a length of 3:36 minutes in its original version.

When released, Everywhere received positive reviews from critics.

It had great success, having the right amount of pop and also rock in it.

Liana Jonas from "All music" described it as:

a lively and heartfelt song with electric-guitar power chords, spirited vocal delivery, and catchy chorus.

Some other reviews call Branch’s single "definitely catchy";

...starts with a nice acoustic intro which is joined in by drum, then the whole band for the chorus. While the music generally falls under pop, this song has a rockier edge to it

declared Sputnikmusic.

Everywhere was written in common time, with a tempo of 98 beats per minute and it was composed in the key of D major.

The story behind the lyrics of the free Everywhere piano sheets is about the early stages of love.

The chorus was named the 77th greatest of the 21st century by Billboard in 2017.

Everywhere’s music video was directed by Liz Friedlander, and it features Michelle Branch stalking her crush.

She does that from an apartment situated in the opposite building and at the same time, plays her guitar.

The good news about Everywhere is that today you can start learning how to play it at your piano at home, with the help of our published materials.

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Everywhere - Michelle Branch piano tutorial

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