Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart sheet music

As we try to contribute in the good feeling of your senses, great development of your skills and also bring a contribution in your relaxation status, "Un-Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton fits perfectly our purpose.

So many things told by so little words…

The song "Un-Break My Heart" belongs to famous singer Toni Braxton, original from America, which was included on her second studio album, named "Secrets".

It is a ballad with a phenomenal sound, which was written by Diane Warren.

Even though at the beginning Braxton did not like so much neither to listen to the musical part of the song, nor to sing the words, she was finally convinced by L.A. Reid not only to record the song, but also to include it on her album. This was covered many times, as for example by rock performers like Weezer, also including piano versions.

The album containing the ballad was released in July 10, 1996, through LaFace Records.

Even though the "Un-Break My Heart's" sheet music is amazingly beautiful, the words also bring a large contribution in the creation of such a sensitive melody. According to the lyrics, the song is performed by a girl having deeply broken feelings, who is hardly trying to convince a former lover to come back into her live and make her happy again.

"Un-break My Heart" won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1997.

Besides the beauty that song is able to transmit through its soft unforgettable piano notes, the words are charmingly whispered; seem honest and full of passion. The original version may also be considered deeply emotional, like the free Un-Break My Heart piano sheet music.

It represented a commercial success for Toni not only in the US, where it reached the first position on the Billboard Hot 100, keeping it for no less than eleven weeks.

At the same time, it was a real maybe unexpected success through the fact that it was positioned on the first place on the Hot Dance Club Songs and on the Adult Contemporary Component chart.

The boundaries of America were not enough for "Un-break My Heart". This beautiful song's combination of deep notes and sensitive thoughts held top positions in several charts worldwide.

In the European continent, the song managed to win numerous fans and at the same time impress critics and it succeeded in reaching the first position in countries like Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland.

Another element that contributed in the huge amount of appreciation of this song is the video, made with the participation of Billie Woodruff as director.

Even if the words would be missing, the video, which could accompany the gentle notes, would be enough to make you feel with the same intensity the deep feelings shared with desire, love and passion by the singer.

Toni Braxton performed the song, with her powerful and intense voice on the opening ceremony of the Billboard Music Awards in 1997.

Toni and her magnificent voice cannot be ever replaced, that is a thing we all know for sure, but that is not a reason for not trying another version of this song of her, by listening or even playing the song for which we offer you the free Un-Break My Heart's piano sheets.

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