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The song "2000 Watts" was written for the Invincible album, in 2001.

This is a really different song written by Michael Jackson.

Among all his other songs that are tender and sweet, about love and nature and all those themes that Michael was using, "2000 Watts" is out of the ordinary. Also for this reason, the song was very controversial, because a lot of people thought that the voice from the song wasn't Michael's. But because of the theme of the song, Michael's voice had been digitized, changing a little into something more "techno".

The official video of "2000 Watts" is a collage of sequences from other videos and concert recordings.

On top of all the criticism, the Epic Records label wasn't very interested in promoting the album. There was not even a tour to promote it. The lack of publicity was the main reason to why it only sold 13 million copies worldwide, a small amount comparing to any previous albums recorded by Jackson.

But, despite the poor publicity, Invincible still made number one in charts worldwide and had sales of over 360,000 units on the first week only in the United States.

Everybody loved the beat, the sounds, Jackson's changed voice and the words, that are extremely clever. The song is so powerful, that the fans needed more, so they ended up a little disappointed by the faded end. Almost everybody said that it should have ended with some explosion or something very powerful. Either way, some say that the song also has a dirty meaning

"Bass note, treble, stereo control, how low you go/ Just enough to make your juices flow/Press play, don't stop, rotate, too hot/You feel I'm real/I'm everything you need, so tell me what's the deal".

So, the result is, that even at the end of Michael's career, he didn't let anybody down, on the contrary, he just left us all amazed by the change he brought through his voice, his character in this amazing song and the meaning that is totally changed.

2000 Watts will always remain among the best songs of Michael Jackson, even if not so well known by the people all over the world.

The story behind "2000 Watts" is that Tyrese Gibson had the sketch of an old, unfinished song.

The name for the song was originally inspired by a charity foundation by the same name, founded in 1997. When Jackson listened to it, he immediately fell in love with the rhythm.

After working on the lyrics and on the beat, he and Gibson finally had the finished version and recorded it together along with some other songs on this album. "2000 Watts" is the 9th song on Jackson's Invincible album.

The Pop music Icon had a new approach on Invincible and the song "2000 Watts" has a completely new sound to it. It is different from anything that Michael Jackson had recorded before. Fans worldwide loved this new style and the sound was also a really nice surprise for them. Here is one fan's opinion:

I've never heard Michael's voice go so low before. Fascinating! At the first verse I almost didn't recognize it was him. However, many critics said that it was "constrained" and " a little padded" and saw the song as a disappointment.

Launched on the 30th of October 2001 by Epic Records, Invincible was supposed to be o comeback for Michael but it didn't push his music forward at all.

In what "2000 Watts" is concerned, it is sung on a very low tone of voice by Michael Jackson. The album Invincible and the song "2000 Watts" are an interesting combination of R&B and pop music.

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