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"Best Day of My Life" is the title of a song by United States indie group American Authors.

The band members co-wrote the song together with Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta.

These two were also the producers of "Best Day of My Life". This song was released as a single on March 19, 2013. The labels Island Records and Mercury Records released it. Later, "Best Day of My Life" was featured as the second song from their extended play number three titled "American Authors". In addition, when their first album came out, it was featured as the third song from it.

The name of their album was "Oh, What a Life". This 3 minutes and 14 seconds track is an indie folk and indie rock song which has its own free Best Day of My Life piano sheets.

Band member Zac Barnett said that, while they were experimenting with various instruments, they stumbled upon a melody from which they created "Best Day of My Life".

Incorporating percussion elements and even banjo or mandolin, the song was originally started by Zac and James.

When they showed the track to the rest of the band, they created the verses and added the specific chorus for it. The original song was completely changed, the idea evolved from the acoustic guitars that Zac was playing around with.

The chorus incorporates specific rock elements from the likes of Buddy Holly, Elton John and David Bowie. The critics viewed the song pretty well, praising it for its addictive hook and the banjo elements. It was predicted to be a success in the pop music. The pop-punk style that the song reminds of was similar to that of Imagine Dragons.

"Best Day of My Life" was played heavily on radio, and then started off at rank number 49 on the Hot Rock Songs charts. In addition, on the Adult Top 40, it reached the 40th place.

It soon became a hit for the alternative rock genre, as well as on the Top 40 radio stations. The highest rank that it got on the Hot Rock Songs charts was the second place. It also reached top 20 on Mainstream Top 40 and Alternative Songs

On the Billboard Hot 100, it started barely at 93, and then climbed up to the eleventh place. On the Adult Top 40, it managed to top the charts on March 2014.

In August, it already sold over 2 million times. In July, it was certified double Platinum. On the year-end charts for Adult Pop Songs, it stayed at the top.

The free Best Day of My Life piano sheet music is simply amazing. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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