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Katy Perry, the stage name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, is an American singer and a songwriter who became famous not only because of her songs but also because of her exuberant style.

Songs like I kissed a girl, Last Friday night and Firework brought her into the hearts of listeners who appreciate the energy and the imagination of the singer.

The imagination that I’m talking about was shown to the world as a lightning bolt in the song of Katy, Firework, for her third studio album Teenage Dream. Released on October 18, 2010, Firework received positive reviews from music critics because of its inspirational lyrics and because the rhythm that suits you.

The sounds effects can be perfectly suited to the requirements of the DJs and of the club night lovers.

The lyrics got a story and a message that should motivate all the people to follow the dreams and to seize the opportunity that you have left. The melodic line was found to be interesting and we decided to create the piano notes. You can find right below the free piano sheet we made just for you!

The music video was sustained by the telecommunication group Deutsche Telekom. The filming was realized in Budapest under the careful supervision of the producer Dave Meyers. It was official released on 28th of October 2010 and the number of views was impressing. Millions of fans enjoyed it and they gave positive feedback.

Katy knows exactly that you don’t have to give up. A door closed doesn’t mean a failure. It means that you still got a chance to find your way. Leave that door and try to open another. For sure, you have a key. You hold it in your hands all off the time but you don’t know whose door corresponds the key.

To figure it out, you have to keep looking. You, he, me, all of us have a key. Maybe, you’ve been trying to open the door of someone else, not yours. Find the rainbow, find your chance, and find the fire to light the fireworks.

That’s what Katy Perry wants us to know. We don’t have to quite. We have to try and try to find that light. With this message she succeeded to earn numerous classifications into important musical charts like Billboards or MTV Music Awards.

So, we have to admit that this song is very motivational and full of messages that should make us keep trying till we find what we’re searching all the time: our chance, our way to the success.

Piano tutorial and cover

Firework - Katy Perry piano tutorial

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