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"Amazing Grace" is the title of a hymn released in 1779 as a writing of poet John Newton.

Newton lived from 1725 to 1807 and the lyrics to the song were inspired from his real life.

He wrote this Christian hymn, despite not growing up in a highly religious environment. He was forced to join the Royal Navy. After he finished his service, he was involved in a slave trade on the Atlantic.

The story goes that in year 1748, while he was on his vessel, a big storm started. Being in Ireland, Newton shouted the name of God in order to get help. That was the start when his spiritual needs have been born. Repairing his boat in a small town, he managed to write the first verse for "Amazing Grace", which would become known throughout the world.

The free Amazing Grace piano sheet music became well known by people all around the world quite fast.

In 1755, he ended his career as a slave trader and started to study theology, specializing in the Christian one. In 1764, he became part of the Church of England, starting to work alongside William Cowper, another poet. The two of them began writing hymns. In 1774, "Amazing Grace" was first used in a church ceremony.

In 1779, it was printed on the book "Olney Hymns", but did not get much appreciation in England. In the United States, it became well known in the 19th century period.

"Amazing Grace" was transformed into more than twenty songs, the most-known one being the version called "New Britain". This version was created in 1835.

In the 20th century, "Amazing Grace" was once again recreated in hundreds of versions. Edwin Othello Excell wanted to bring the song to as many religious cults as possible. On September 2011, more than 7000 versions were reported for "Amazing Grace". In 1922, it was first recorded by the Sacred Harp Choir, in a version with a cappella.

The version from J. M. Gates and H. R. Tomlin was recorded in many copies. Fiddlin’ John Carson brought it over with a musical accompaniment. In 1947, a version by Mahalia Jackson was heavily played on the radio.Years later, Joan Baez, a folk singer, made the song her own and sang it during her concerts.

David Lanz, the Seattle new age pianist, transformed the song into a piano one, with no lyrics. This version is the best one for a musical instrument and it has been released on many of his albums.

Use the free Amazing Grace piano sheets available below to enjoy this wonderful hymn. Stay tuned for more.

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Amazing Grace - David Lanz piano tutorial

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