Koji Kondo - The Legend of Zelda Main Theme sheet music

Let’s dive into this beautiful week through one of our song choices for today – the free Legend of Zelda Main Theme piano sheets, by Koji Kondo.

Before talking about the main theme of the game Zelda, we must mention the creator of it.

Koji Kondo was the one who outlined the entire soundtrack.

Using his skills in music, Kondo managed to produce an amazing soundtrack that fits the theme of the game.

Kondo composed the main theme for the game The Legend of Zelda in 1986, and the song was composed for the first video game of the series.

Once released, the free Legend of Zelda Main Theme piano sheet music enjoyed a great success thanks to the innovation brought by the melodic line.

Firstly, as far as that goes the rhythm, we could say it’s a song which helps the player enter into the magical world of Zelda.

Kondo knows exactly how important is music for a video game and he succeeded to make a masterpiece.

The main theme of the game The Legend of Zelda is intense and full of energy.

Even from the beginning, the song has a powerful rhythm and a very alert tone, which immediately transposes you into the game’s story.

What is interesting about this song is that Kondo created it by using symphony orchestras.

As proof of its importance, the song was used for the soundtrack of the entire series.

Occasionally, the song was partially modified, being added some lines, but the rhythm remained the same.

We considered it a source of inspiration and we created the piano notes just for you so, if you want to join the mystical world of Zelda, try playing it at your piano at home.

In another train of thought, this song was one of Kondo’s most important releases and brought him success.

Over the years, the song remained very popular and Zelda’s fans fell in love with it.

The internet users that have a taste for classical music appreciated the song and other classical music singers interpreted the song in their own way.

Piano tutorial and cover

The Legend of Zelda Main Theme - Koji Kondo piano tutorial

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