Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts sheet music

Beautiful words, beautiful sound and a magnificent singer, Christina Perri, the American singer song-writer who released the original version of "Jar of Hearts".

The message of the song is complex and it is able to share numerous feelings, making the listener understand, at least partially, what the ego from the song wants to show and transmit. But the chords are fantastic...fitting perfectly the great voice of the singer.

"Jar of Hearts" is Christina’s debut single, released on iTunes in 2010, included on her debut EP, called "The Ocean Way Sessions". And, after that, the singer decided to also include the successful song on her first album, "Lovestrong", which was received really good by the public.

The singer participated in the creation of the song as a co-writer, next to Drew Lawrence, and Barrett Yeretsian.

The tale presented by the song has a real life basis, an experience lived by Perri, demonstrating her sensitive inside way of being, which seems to represent a great source of inspiration for the song, which also made possible the creation of the soft song, with multiple qualities.

The song, with the pass of time, created some discussions among critics, because Perri was unsigned when the song was released.

The fact that the song is appreciated all over the world is also shown by the fact that it has sold around 3 and a half million digital copies only in the US and almost 50 thousand downloads only in the opening week.

Peaking, in 2001, at number 4 in the Singles Chart in the UK, it would probably deserve even more appreciation.

But all the appreciation not received by the original song can be transferred to the song's piano notes, which are admirable and available below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri piano tutorial

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