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Someone like You is a soul song by pop artist/singer Adele, featured on her second album, titled 21.

Released in the UK first, in January 2011 by the label XL Recordings, Someone like You has hit the US market in May, the song features a piano accompaniment by Dan Wilson, who also helped write the song.

Voted by the public as number three on a Most Favourite UK Singles list, the song has been very well received by the public, even winning the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2012.

Performed live at the 2011 BRIT Awards, Someone like You has topped the UK charts for over a month, also reaching the top of charts in places such as New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Australia, and Ireland.

A song that has received five times Platinum status in the US, Adele’s masterpiece expresses great emotion and passion.

Adele herself admitted that the song was inspired by reality, from her heartache, initially being composed by her acoustically, using her guitar.

Recorded in California with the aid of engineer Philip Allen, it has been mixed by Tom Elmhirst and Dan Parry and mastered by Tom Coyne.

Someone like You has been called a piano ballad, being part of one of her most successful albums, one that was called faultless.

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Being highly praised by critics, the song has been called gorgeous, heartbreaking, and absolute magic.

MusicOMH called it desperately sad and utterly, utterly gorgeous and PopMatters called it stunning and finally worthy of her talents.

A great song that has received multiple Platinum certifications around the world, Someone like You is a great song by the wonderful voice of pop singer Adele, paving the way for the birth of a new star.

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Someone like You - Adele piano tutorial

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