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"Octobre" is a song by the French blues singer and songwriter named Francis Cabrel.

It was included on his album release from the year 1994. That album was called "Samedi soir sur la terre" and is one of his best albums.

With a musical style that ranges from folk and pop to even the acoustic rock category, each song seems uniquely created and modified so that it sounds different from anything else ever created.

Even getting jazz influences in most of the songs on the album, the blues rock style of "Octobre" differentiates itself especially through its lyrics.

In order to create an emotional effect of the song, Francis Cabrel shapes his voice carefully, in order to sound like an instrument. He plays around with his tone and even the structure of his lyrics in order to get an ambient style off. The poetry in this song is also to be appreciated, the lyrics are a true masterpiece.

With a smooth flow and a tiny pace, the album is a great one to listen to in order to get relaxed and carried upon beautiful, nature-like dreams and thoughts. With different instruments that keep on changing and even featuring other artists such as Gipsy Kings or Nicolas Reyes, all songs have been directed by Gerard Bikialo.

With a great guitar play as well, Francis Cabrel manages to keep himself unique throughout the entire album.

"Octobre" is probably the best song on the album "Samedi soir sur la terre" and is one of his signature tracks, most famous for its poetic lyrics.

The French lyrics tell the story of the autumn season engulfing over the planet Earth. At the same time, the singer expresses the love that he carries for his woman, that is strong enough to even face the coming of autumn in order to keep their lives colored. It is a true masterpiece, especially in French, a wonderful language for poetic songs such as this one.

Want to learn how to play "Octobre" by Francis Cabrel on the piano? This song from the 1994 album "Samedi soir sur la terre" has its blues piano notes listed below, as well as a video tutorial to help you get the hang of it faster.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Octobre - Francis Cabrel piano tutorial

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