Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away sheet music

The song we decided to fulfill today as a request from our followers is Everytime You Go Away, by Paul Young.

Paul Young is an English artist, acting as a singer, songwriter and playing guitar and bass guitar.

He sings pop-rock, new wave, and also blue-eyed soul, and has been active in his career since 1978.

His most famous songs are Love of the Common People, Come Back and Stay, or Everytime You Go Away.

Today, we chose the free Everytime You Go Away piano sheets for you because the weather is autumnal and the summer is gone.

Everytime You Go Away is a song by Paul Young, released in February 1985, as part of the artist’s album named The Secret Of Association, but also as a single, having the song This Means Anything on its B-side.

The song was written and composed by Daryl Hall, with the amazing production of Laurie Latham, released through Columbia Records, like a soft rock music genre song.

Actually, the song was first recorded in 1980 by Hall & Oates, but it wasn’t released as a single.

The biggest success the song had was when it was covered by Paul Young, in 1985, a version that reached number one in the US and number 4 in the UK.

Looking into the free Everytime You Go Away piano sheet music composition, we find a length of 4:15 minutes in its original version and 5:24 minutes in the album version.

The song includes an interesting combination of elements, formed out of vocals, guitars, organ, bass, drums, and saxophone.

Other considerable versions of the songs are the one by Gloria Gaynor in 1986, Susan Wong in 2009, or Kulcha in 1995.

Don’t hesitate to try your own version at your piano at home, as from today we made it available on our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Everytime You Go Away - Paul Young piano tutorial

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