Ray Charles - I Got a Woman sheet music

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Today, we are going to talk about another incredible song - I Got a Woman, by one of a kind artists – Ray Charles.

Charles was an American artist, singing, writing songs, playing the piano, and enchanting us with his unique presence.

He was referred to as The Genius, in the world of music, and maybe this came from the idea of how to be such an amazing singer when he was blinded during childhood due to glaucoma.

With its incredible success, Ray Charles released I Got a Women in 1954, co-written with Renald Richard and having on its B-side the song Come Back, Baby. Later, I Got a Women and Come Back Baby was included on the 1957 album named Ray Charles.

The free I Got a Woman piano sheet music was produced by Jerry Wexler, has a length of 2:51 minutes in its original version, and was released by Atlantic records label, as an R&B, jazz and soul song.

I Got a Woman was absolutely loved by the public, the critics and many artists covered it over the years.

The Beatles released two versions of the song, Elvis Presley released his in 1956, and others worth mentioning are Chet Atkins, Bobby Darin, Everly Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Brian Adams, and many many more.

The song reached the top of the charts all over the world, at least once, with so many versions.

In 1954, Ray Charles with his band was listening to the radio to the song It Must Be Jesus, by the Southern Tones.

That is why I Got a Woman builds on it.

That was the moment when he and the trumpeter Renald Richard started composing I Got a Woman.

Therefore, the free I Got a Woman piano sheets were recorded on the 18th of November in the Atlanta studios and it was a hit.

Actually, it was Ray Charles’ first time climbing quickly to the number 1 hit.

The song is today on top of our website too, so you can use all the materials we put at your disposal and enjoy I Got A Woman at your piano as soon as you can.

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I Got a Woman - Ray Charles piano tutorial

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