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"Joga" is a single from the artist Bjork.

It was recorded throughout one year, between 1996 and 1997. It had four B-Sides: "So Broken", "Sod Off", "Immature" and "All Is Full Of Love".

Although the title is "Joga", the sentence that keeps repeating in the song is "state of emergency".

The singer dedicated it to her best friend, Johanna Johannsdottier and the wife of Mayor Of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr. She also dedicated it to the Iceland. regarding its musical structure, the song features a classical strings arrangements and electronic beats.

It's a mixture of the genres IDM, electronica and baroque pop. The single is featured on the album "Homogenic" and it was released on September 15th, 1997. It has three versions: one of 3:22, which is the video version, one of 4:03, the edited version, and another one of 5:01, the album version.

"Joga" was written by the singer and Mark Bell and produced by Sjon and Bjork. It was part of the "One Little Indian" label and it was released on two formats: CD and 12". According to the singer, the inspiration for the entire album came from nature, as she wanted to compose music about Iceland. Referring to this song in particular, she said that classical Icelandic songs in mind when she started writing it.

"Joga" was very well received by the music critics, whom considered it one of the highlights of the album and "a moving song" . They also commented on the "strings swelling luxuriantly" and recommended it along another single from the album, "Bachelorette". They also praised on Bjork's vocal performance naming her "one of the Icelandic singer- songwriter's fiercest vocal performances to date". The song was number 35 on the list of "Best singles of the 1990's", made by Slant Magazine.

The music video for the single was filmed in Iceland. It was directed by Michel Gondry and it features landscapes and terrain from the singer's native country. The ending features Bjork with an island floating inside her chest. She only appears at the ending scene and at the beginning.

"Joga" has had many remixes. This includes string and vocal mix, Alec Empire The Planet Of Ice remix, Alec Empire Digital Hardcore Mix 2, Alec Empire The Destroyer mix, Buzz Water mix, radio edit and many others.

It has been covered by many artists such as Missy Eliott, New Found Glory, Jason Moran, Gregorian, Georgi Kai, Jason Moran, Benjamin Gibbard, Loreen, Eric Legnini and other singers.

"Joga" is a beautiful, relaxing song. It's perfectly adaptable to the piano. You can enjoy the free piano sheet on our site and learn how to play it.

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Joga - Bjork piano tutorial

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