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Bachelorette is a song by female musician Bjork, with an interesting story behind it. Being featured as the second single on her 1997 album titled "Homogenic", the song is part of a series of songs that made the style that Bjork pioneered more authentic.

Being described as "a fusion of chilly strings, stuttering, abstract beats, and unique touches like accordion and glass harmonica" by Heather Phares of Allmusic, Bjork started the album with the idea of focusing on her native country, Iceland.

With screams and choirs involved, the album has been a beauty and has been received really well by music critics around the world, making us want to share today the fresh piano sheet for Bachelorette by Bjork.

The story of the song is that it was meant for a movie by Bernardo Bertolucci, but it has been canceled. Also, the lyrics have been written by Icelandic poet Sjon, as Bjork herself states.

We don’t have many piano sheets around here for songs that have been written by poets, so if you are to pick this one, you better listen to the original song first, it features some interesting lyrics.

The title of the song is the image of the character expressing her desires through the lyrics, a bachelorette that says "Leave me now, return tonight", as a way of expressing a wavering love and a detached sense of affection.

Continuing to draw upon the stranger, aiming to entangle him, the bachelorette tells him "You’re the one who walks me / I’m your one way street." and goes on to build on her image of a surreal being, waiting to be loved, saved, or simply admired.

With instruments like timpani, Alp horn, accordion or timbales, the song is a complex one and it can be pretty challenging to transfer all these rhythms on piano, but it’s a beautiful experience for the music of a beautiful artist, that made her passion for music into a music for passion.

Enjoy the Bachelorette free piano sheet listed below, as well as the video tutorial to aid you in learning this song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Bachelorette - Bjork piano tutorial

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