Gallant - Weight in Gold sheet music

"Weight in Gold" is a popular song of the singer Gallant.

The first performance of the track was also the artist's first television appearance, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 12th 2016.

"Weight in Gold" piano sheet music has an allegro tempo with 120 beats per minute.

Also the song was heard for the first time in June 2015, when it was played by Zane Lowe.

The piano music of the song "Weight in Gold" is composed in the originally key of Eb major.

The lyrics of the song are about a broken relationship. The singer realizes the situation he is in and he claims that:

"This gravity hurts when you know the truth"

In the chorus he sings about the hard situation when one person of the relationship is losing interest and that person is leaving the other one, which is in a really hard situation, where he barely can hold on:

I’m pulling my weight in gold

Call me anxious, call me broke

I can’t lift this on my own

In the second verse, he tells the partner that she was the one that made him believe in all of this love :

You pushed me further, ooh

but even if there might be her blame for that, he is not leaving all on her shoulders:

And I take the blame for the both of us

In the bridge he asks the Universe to help him, as his situation seems so bad that he could not cope with that at all and he could not find any solution:

Oh, universe, hold me up

Tried your best, is it ever enough

When it’s already dragging me down?

The question is actually the desperate scream from his side, because he feels like something is making him drawn, as in the chorus he claims that the pain is too much to handle anymore.

The song "Weight in Gold" has sheet music for piano, guitar and instrumental solo.

"Weight in Gold" piano tabs are a really good was for all types of piano players to develop all the piano skills they have or the skills they what to achieve.

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