My Chemical Romance - Disenchanted sheet music

The song Disenchanted is one of the numerous creations that belong to the rock band called My Chemical Romance.

It was included on their third studio album, "The Black Parade", released in 2006 and, as all the other songs on it, or almost all, it brought the band not only appreciation from the existing fans, but it attracted new ones, especially due to the fascinating way of interpreting this song during their concerts. The album that contains the song was released through Reprise Records.

Another thing to mention is that the producer was Rob Cavallo, famous for his collaborations with Green Day or Goo Goo Dolls, bands that were successful partly due to their talent and part due to his contribution.

Their talent is also seen in the free Disenchanted piano sheets. Try them now and let us know what your opinion of this beautiful blend of alternative and indie music genres is.

Based on the principle that emphasizes the alikeness between creations belonging to the same performers, it could be mentioned, about the album and, consequently, about the song itself, that it was not let aside by critics, who analyzed it and did not hesitate share their opinions. Publications like "The Observer" and "Aversion" were some of the examples that show it.

It seems that the opinions are divided in two, as it was expected: some consider it a piece of art, like a spot of color in a black and white world, others share the idea according to which My Chemical Romance could have done much better in creating a song, as the band has numerous other great songs. Still, the dominant part when talking about contrasting opinions was the one that gave positive reviews.

Still, one of the things to be remarked when discussing reviews is constituted by the reaction of Matt Schild, who did not even want to review the album, categorizing it as "lame", at first and only after being influenced by some external factors to give a sort of feedback, he developed some arguments that supported his statement.

About the song Disenchanted, he did not form or shared a special opinion, including the few words about it into the other ones, about the album as a whole. Some other voices referred to the influences Queen’s style had on their songs.

Still, the notes and the words were not disliked by the band’s numerous fans. Most of them enjoy Disenchanted at almost every concert, each time the band decides to perform it.

All in all, no matter what does the voice of the others say, the song Disenchanted remains a piece of My Chemical Romance’s work, and if you are one of their fans or not, you must be convinced that the song’s piano version has received positive feedback from enough people. So, in order to try it yourself and feel it through your bones, you could use the free Disenchanted piano sheet music we offer you.

Piano tutorial and cover

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance piano tutorial

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